Deliz Pharmaceutical Corp. is a marketing company and pharmaceutical distributor with a comprehensive coverage of health care products. Deliz Pharmaceutical operates as an active and important partner for healthcare in its market, Puerto Rico.

This family owned corporation was founded by Edwin Deliz in 1990. The company’s main strategy is to acquire, represent and distribute brand prescription products by developing marketing strategies for new and current company product lines in Puerto Rico. Deliz Pharmaceutical also negotiated contract for exclusive distribution agreement with Shionogi, Inc. since 1996.

Deliz Pharmaceutical negotiated a new partnertship with Avion Pharmaceuticals for the exclusive distribution in Puerto Rico of the prenatal vitamin, Prenate Mini, since August 2012.

Deliz Pharmaceutical provides distribution, marketing and expert services to promote the business of their customers. Its success is based on profound knowledge of the branch and the high quality of its strengths: reliability, flexibility, safety, active customer service and efficient logistic solutions.